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The first step is to save-the-date!

You have checked out my portfolio, looked over prices, read some reviews and you like what you see so far. The next thing to do is contact me to find out if I am still available for your date.

I restrict the number of weddings I take on per year to ensure I have the time to give you and your wedding photos the attention you and they deserve. Getting to know couples and understanding your vision is important in for delivering a gallery unique to you.


I can book out quite far in advance for key dates so make sure you get in touch early.

Mots couples book full day weddings at least 12 months in advance, so popular dates do fill fast!


Coffee! (or wine)

It's all looking good, you've seen my prices and I'm in budget, we've said hello and I'm available, everything is working out!

Now we can carve out some time to grab a coffee or a wine and chat wedding photos, vision, ideas, timeline and start designing your dream photography booking.

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The paperwork


Paperwork can be dull but it is important.

I send every couple a booking contract along with their invoice which will outline the booking retainer, balance, due dates and bank details for payments. Once the contract is signed and retainer has been received, you're wedding photography is sorted. 

I also send a questionnaire to get to know you as a couple, and get some more information on:

- Your must-have photos or pic list

- names and handles of the other vendors so I can tag them and their work in photos

- information and contact details of any key players of the day

The more information I have ahead of time, the better I can anticipate when and where I need to be.

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The pre-wedding couples session


For couples who upgrade to a Collection (which I will always recommend you do for the benefit of a couples session and the $ value) we will get to meet in-person before your big day at your pre-wedding couples shoot.

These sessions are so important to getting to know each other, to make sure you are comfortable and familiar with me and my camera. 

It's a relaxed opportunity to potentially scope out you venue or adventure to some amazing (or sentimental) location. This session with give you an idea on what to expect, and for to get a feel for how candid or posed you want your photos to be on the day and how much guidance or direction you would like or need.  


Wedding planning help


I have been shooting weddings professionally since 2012 (nearly 10 years) and I've seen SO many amazing ideas, approaches to planning, what works and what really doesn't. And I love sharing my knowledge and ideas with any couples who are seeking advice, recommendations and wedding planning support.

My role doesn't just stop at photos, if you need a soundboard for ideas, templates for timelines or recommendations for venders, ask away because I will always be happy to help where I can.


Touching base in the weeks ahead


As the big approaches you'll find I reach out and touch base in the weeks ahead. I'll ask for any extra info I'm looking for around timeline, venders or addresses, check in if any last minute help is needed. 


The idea being that I am as organised as possible and you feel comfortable that your wedding photography is sorted, ready to go and will be amazing.

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The wedding day


The day has finally arrived!

By now I'll have everything I need to quietly follow along and capture your day with my candid approach, documenting the day as it unfolds. I avoid imposing on your guests experience, keeping my distance and clear of their view as much as possible. Without my camera's on you might even mistake me for a quest, as I love to mingle and chat, capturing people and moments from their point of view.


As the day unfolds I want to make sure you are in the moment, enjoying the beautiful day you worked so hard to plan and celebrating with your family and friends, so I'll join you for a beer or champagne! (I'm well practiced at shooting with a glass in hand)

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Same day sneak peek!


When I get home that day or sometimes before I've even left the wedding (most often while I'm eating dinner) I will sit down and edit a photo from your day. 

I will send this to your inbox (or social account) so you and your partner have a sneak peek the day of your wedding. And for couples who want to be the first to announce their marriage online, they love having a beautiful professional photo ready to go for this. 

Once I've seen your online announcement or you give the green light, I'll start sharing a few dozen images on socials as I work through editing your gorgeous gallery.


Image delivery and print lab


Images are delivered within six weeks of your wedding in a private online gallery. From here you can download your wedding photos in both high-resolution (perfect for printing) and low-resolution (better for sharing online). All wedding galleries are delivered in both colour and black-and-white with 12 months access and access to my print lab where you can purchase prints and keepsakes to remember and celebrate your wedding photography, and share your photos with loved ones.

Don't let your digital images grow old on your hard drive, print them, love them and share them!

You've invested a lot in designing your perfect wedding day and making sure you have the photos to remember the day by, so why wouldn't you want to invest in keepsakes that let your photos shine! Put them on display, show them off to the world and enjoy them everyday. There are so many beautiful ways to treasure your wedding photos, from prints to a simple photo book to a luxury fine art album!

And if you've upgraded to a Collection, you'll be able to enjoy 10% off anything and everything available from the print lab! (I told you it was good value).



Have an unplugged ceremony

A sea of phones and ipads (yes it happens) is not a good look in your once of a lifetime wedding photos, and it can incredibly hard to shoot around. Ask you're guests to be present in the moment, embrace the experience and trust the wedding photographer you hired will do their job and capture the moment.


They will get to relive the moment when you or I share these photos online, or you can share your gallery link with those you would like to see all of your photos. Unplugged ceremonies also eliminates the risk of anyone sharing photos on socials before you!

Don't be left parched


By the time bridal portraits roll around you'll have been dolled up and on your feet for a while. Make sure you take a moment to rehydrate, grab a water or cheeky beverage to settle any still jittery nerves. 

I always highly recommend that snacks and drinks be prepared and brought along for bridal portraits. You don't want to arrive back to your guests feeling flushed, thirsty and uncomfortable.

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Decide what's really important to you, and make sure you tell your photographer as much as you can about your vision, expectations and ideas. This way they can pay special attention to particular people, things or moments. Prepare and be ready (with special decorations or equipment if needed.



There are some times of day where the natural light is better than others for photos. If you're after amazingly romantic sunset shots in the golden hour or dusk shots in the blue hour, be sure to chat to your photographer while planning your timeline to make sure there is time for those shots. Often we would only need 10 minutes between meals to sneak out and take advantage of a beautiful golden sky.



When the time comes to take family photos post-ceremony I like to keep these as quick and pain-free as possible. Everyone is keen to find a drink and start the party, and I don't want to hold them up from that. So once the hugs and congratulations have wound up I will start directing people for quick family photos (and I mean quick). This is where you will likely see the most direction given from me. If you have special guests in attendance that someone would not ordinarily think to photograph you with, please be sure to let me know in advance. Better yet, write me a list of everyone who needs to be captured during family photos and what combinations are a must, I'll be sure to bring this list with me and work through it to make sure we have everyone that you want captured during family photos. 



If you are thinking of handing out confetti at the ceremony please let me know beforehand what kind of photos you are after. Confetti throw exit? Confetti toss group shot? Knowing when your confetti (or petals or bubbles) are going to be thrown will help me prepare and be in the right place at the right time. And no, there is no such thing as too much confetti!



Even though cameras and flashes can do amazing things, they can still struggle in low light and it important you think about the lighting in your reception. Don't be afraid to chat to your venue about lighting options and be clear with your photographer on what the lighting will be like, we will be able to prepare better if we know what we are working with. Avoiding my flash is always on mind, to keep photos looking romantic and natural, and not blinding everyone every 10 seconds.



We have this sorted! We have planned and we are organised and now the best thing you can do is enjoy the day. If you're feeling relaxed and happy it will show in your photos, and what isn't there to be happy about you just got bloody married!

Trust in my experience and don't worry about your wedding photos, they're going to be amazing!