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26 november 2020

Ceremony venue: King George Gardens, Wangaratta

Reception venue: King River Cafe, Oxley

In the August before their wedding, I met Julia and Glen to take some engagement photos. They weren't booked for any more photos than their couple's session at first, but on the afternoon we met we seemed to click. I found Julia and Glen incredibly easy to work with, they both had a similar sense of humor to me and we didn't take long to be laughing between the three of us.

With their elopement planned for the fifth anniversary of their first date, Julia asked me to join them and photograph their small and intimate nuptials, and I was delighted! They were looking for some creative, fun and edgy photos, so we shared ideas back and forth leading up to their Thursday elopement and on the day, we had a lot of fun (mixed with wholehearted emotion) photographing their golden hour to sunset elopement.

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